The journey to Paris…

Finally the day arrived to start our 2014 adventure. We carefully packed our suitcases. Then unpacked and discarded most of the clothes (well I did) and most of the fiction. 23kgs each is normally more than ample but with 10kg of tools and canal guides, cables for every electronic gadget we seem to view as essential, shoes and clothes for 3 months of differing weather conditions, the bags were jammed packed.

After very little sleep we were up at 4 am for our flight from Christchurch to Sydney. 36 hours of mostly sleeplessness later we finally made to Mecca.

I mean Paris. Ahh. Paris, Je t’aime. Who doesn’t?

The adrenaline kicked in and we found a machine to buy tickets for the Roissy bus direct to the Opera area where we were hoping to stay at our favourite hotel. Sadly the hotel was full. So was practically every other hotel in Paris. It’s always a toss up whether to book and pay for a hotel in advance only to find ourselves stuck in Abu Dhabi and losing the money or to wing it once we landed. Turns out winging it is probably not the way to go.
We did eventually get a room in a hotel opposite the Gare du l’Est for a fairly exorbitant fee and after having a quick shower we headed off for a really long walk around the city, stopping off at an Orange store to buy a new SIM card and data for wifi. By 5pm we were done and had to go to bed.



Awake at 4am and searching the local area for petit déjeuner by 7am, we are now ensconced in the Opera maccas availing ourselves of the McWifi since we inadvertently used up the entire data package we bought only yesterday. Back to Orange for a more substantial allowance. It’s amazing how quickly you can use up all your data when you leave the Domino dongal-thingy on all day.

Today the news is all about the EU elections and Sarkozy’s comeback. Looks like rain for Toulouse and our boating course. But then it’s boating, you get wet sometimes right?

About khodges2013

Alan and I divide our time between our apartment in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our 11.5m Dutch Cruiser, Silver Fern, on the canals in France. We started out hiring and eventually bought our boat in 2014. The two summers lifestyle is wonderful and we feel very lucky!
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4 Responses to The journey to Paris…

  1. robjokatieemilyrosie says:

    Bon Jour! Sounds like fun! Rain is good for the skin 🙂 Have a latte for me. Tres elegant picky.


  2. khodges2013 says:

    Bonjour! The rain cleared this afternoon and the sun came out. Il fait beau maintenant 🙂


  3. luckytand3 says:

    How exciting I will be following and living vicariously . Bon voyage !!!


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