Beautiful evening in Louhans

It’s a lovely evening in Louhans tonight. 9.30pm and still 25° Cant complain.

View from the deck of the boat this evening

View from the deck of the boat this evening

I’ve been thinking about the good and the not so good about living on a canal boat. The good’s pretty obvious from the picture above. It can also be quite sociable. We’ve met some really great people, seen some beautiful scenery and eaten some amazing food, particularly bread and cheeses. I’m a baguette addict, I’m afraid.

But the not so good. I have two. Number 1…marine toilets. I hate them with a passion. Pumping water in and you know what out. It’s just not nice, is it? And don’t ask me what happens when they malfunction. Stuff of nightmares as far as I’m concerned. Eww.

And number 2…spiders. I know these are gods creatures and all that, and they eat flies, blah, blah, but I have a phobia. It’s not my fault. Just saw one crawling around the window above my side of the bed. I mean how am I supposed to sleep now. Little buggers. And they are everywhere on a boat. They’re in the ropes when you pick them up, they’re around every window, they’re hiding in every corner, laughing to themselves and conspiring against me, planning their next move. Shudder!

About khodges2013

Alan and I divide our time between our apartment in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our 11.5m Dutch Cruiser, Silver Fern, on the canals in France. We started out hiring and eventually bought our boat in 2014. The two summers lifestyle is wonderful and we feel very lucky!
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11 Responses to Beautiful evening in Louhans

  1. roz paddy says:

    Karen,perhaps a simple solution why dont u get your boat sprayed like alot of people do around there houses! That may make things a little more pleasant?! (4spiders)
    I am sure there r other varieties of toilets but 1 step at a time.. u can do sum market research!!
    Pluses outweight negatives from broken cold chc


    • khodges2013 says:

      Absolutely Roz. There are flush loos like we had on the rental boat with you guys. $$$ though. I’m sure I’ll learn to love them so much that I’ll miss them when we are back home (not)! Been hearing Chch is freezing. Don’t hate me but it’s 31° here today!


  2. Warren Janett says:

    Don’t worry Karen, spiders don’t eat much !! I know what you mean though, don’t like them myself. I am quite envious of your canal holiday and am pleased you and Allan are enjoying it. Bon Voyage.


  3. Warren Janett says:

    Also as for the toilets you do know that in the days of sailing ships before toilets were invented what sailors did..parked their bums over the side !! So there;s a solution for you. I love the pics and stories you post.


  4. Sarah W says:

    Ick! Spiders have NO PLACE being on a boat. Take em down Kaz… You need to let off some Bug bombs. Do it! Gotta show the little ****ers who’s boss. Grrrrr….


    • khodges2013 says:

      THANK YOU!!!! Sarah. I knew you’d understand. A fellow arachnophobe, such as yourself, knows the horrors of living with the little ****ers. Sometimes I can hear them laughing in the corner…


  5. robjokatieemilyrosie says:

    Gotta take the good with the bad (or in this case bad with good ) in this world I guess he he he☺.They are littla than you. Spiders keep down flies and given the toileting issues this is a good thing non?😆


  6. Stella Woolley says:

    Lougan looks lovely. Sorry about the problems: No. 1 – you must stop doing no 2s. .No more food including baguettes and cheese. no.2 problem -maybe you could get a commercial sprayer when you are next in a big town, to give the whole boat including nooks and crannies a good going over Love from cold Christchurch where every self-respecting spider has disappeared for the winter. Sent from my iPad



    • khodges2013 says:

      Haha classic! If only I could give up baguettes. Never going to happen though. As for the spiders, going to have to continue to chase them with the broom every morning!


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