Dramas, Dijon and Down the Saone…

Today we have finally departed our home port de plaisance of Saint Jean de Losne and headed out for this year’s cruise.  But first things first, we desperately needed some more gigabytes on our dongle (as you do). All this posting blog entries and checking out the stock market has sucked up two lots of 35€ worth in three weeks. Mind you, you only get 3 gigs for 35€.  Blanquarts, where we were moored over the winter, have free internet but times when it works are few and far between so we have been forced to turn on our own wifi.

On Tuesday morning I went down to the Tabac to top up our French mobile phone and completed the transaction all in French (how smug did I feel) and so we thought perhaps we could do the same with the internet but “Ce n’est pas possible” apparently and we would have to travel to Dijon to the Orange shop. As we walked back to the boat we saw a man lying face down at the bottom of the dry dock, apparently having fallen off the slippery gangplank. He looked pretty grey although he was moving and soon the ambulance came, then the medics and finally a helicopter touched down near the dry dock and he was flown off, probably to Dole hospital. Poor guy, it was about a 3 metre fall, into concrete. That’s got to hurt. Dramas in St J d L!  

Anyway off to Dijon we went, happily having been generously given some return tickets by John and Cushla, a couple from Tauranga. The tickets expired that day and they weren’t going to use them so a free trip for us. Yay! We biked to the railway station, about 2kms out of town along a lovely tree lined country road.  

 We caught the 12.54, arriving in Dijon about 35 mins later. We headed up the main pedestrian walkway to the Orange shop (like Vodphone), a shop we know quite well now and recharged our dongle (again all in French), turned around and headed back to the station catching the 2.30 back to St J, jumped on our bikes and we were back at the boat by 3.10. Job done!

So now with at least a few days wifi up our sleeves and having stocked up on essentials (wine and chocolate)  

 we departed this morning, heading out onto the Saone and turned right, downstream. Only a couple of hours and one large lock later we pulled into the small port de plaisance in Seurre. 

  For 14€ we are hooked up to power and thankfully so because it is very hot! Still 27° at 6pm. The new bache (bimini) is awesome and paying for itself already. The cruise down today was just gorgeous, blue sky and sunshine and hardly any wind. Apart from being mildly disorganised getting our life jackets on to go into the lock, everything went really, the boat did what it is supposed to do and so a good start for the season.

As I’m writing this we are sitting on the aft deck, it’s 9pm and the sun is still up but the temperature is finally cooling down. There are a large flock of crows (a ‘murder’ I think?) living in the trees nearby, crowing away and a couple of swans are swimming past, looking for a snack. A lovely Irish couple, John and Nancy, joined us on the boat for an Apero this evening. Tomorrow we are both heading for Chalon sur Saone which is about 44kms further down the Saone.  

Here are a few pics from this evening…


About khodges2013

Alan and I divide our time between our apartment in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our 11.5m Dutch Cruiser, Silver Fern, on the canals in France. We started out hiring and eventually bought our boat in 2014. The two summers lifestyle is wonderful and we feel very lucky!
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8 Responses to Dramas, Dijon and Down the Saone…

  1. Nikki says:

    Rescuing people now? Looks like a great community you have x


    • khodges2013 says:

      The health system here is pretty amazing. Last year Alan had a doctor visit the boat, on a Sunday. And it was only 50€. Seems reasonably cheap to me. And astounding that a doctor would do a ‘house’ call on a Sunday!


  2. Caroline says:

    I love Seurre! It has some wonderful bakeries. Make sure you walk the whole length of the high street. Also, there is a wacky museum in one of the side streets. xx


    • khodges2013 says:

      You are right about those bakeries Caroline. Best bread so far from the first one you get to on the right heading away from the quay. Also love that shop on the corner filled with EVERYTHING you could possibly want. Mainly crap but we picked up a new tablecloth for the picnic table and a few other interesting bits and pieces. A fun half hour perusing their wares.


  3. Lindsay W says:

    27 deg & a very wet 7deg CH, Hmmm😁 now the under 20 FIFA world football is currently in NZ, but I gotta say these blogs are more exciting,and free!! I always wonder how the first mate manages to take photos of a the ships captain from behind when out biking (look no hands!!) however it all looks great & relaxing. Be careful out there on & off the river, and soak up this years wonderful journey ahead.
    Cheers 😉


    • khodges2013 says:

      Well, the first mate managed to extract her phone from her bag and took a pic whilst riding with one hand. And this time I didn’t fall off! Sorry to hear Chc wx crap. I believe it’s going to rain here next week so we’re enjoying the sunshine while we can!


  4. Bronwyn & Tim says:

    Loving the updates and good to hear the adventure has begun for 2015 – by the time you get this you will be where we met up last year – no more falls please Hodgie. You’ll be able to enjoy the town more this year and the ‘Bimini’ a real bonus. We have heard we may be in the UK in Aug – not sure for how long yet – but hope we can pop over and catch up for a few days again.


    • khodges2013 says:

      Chalon has really put on some incredible weather for us today. Perhaps a little too hot and no wind but the Bimini has been awesome. Just back from a walk down the street of restaurants on the island and then into the Place St Vincent, filled with diners enjoying the gorgeous evening. Hope we do see you this year. Perhaps this time we can actually take you for a cruise!


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