Lazy Days in Leré 

Today is Thursday. I’m pretty sure. It’s been a lazy few days since we arrived in Leré. We have achieved a few things though. I managed to administer a haircut to Alan with the clippers. I didn’t scalp him this time so things are looking up for me if I want a new profession when I get home. We caught up on the housework (boatwork?). Vacuuming, washing etc. We went for a bike ride on what we thought was a ‘route de velo’ but turned out to be more along the lines of a bmx marathon. Half of it on small boulders and the other half on hay. Neither option was good, believe me. If you ever want to ride through a haystack for a kilometre let me know. I know just the place.

There have been some interesting sights to keep us amused here in Leré. One boat moored next to us is definitely full of Mafia. The women, all gorgeous tanned and in tiny bikinis. The men? Well let’s just say they must really like their pasta. A. Lot. And gosh it’s quite a sight to see them in their undies, or in one case, completely naked after a shower. Some sights can never be unseen.

There is a local saddo who hangs out at the public loos, on and off all day. There are a bunch of people that arrive after dark and stay most of the night. We can hear them talking. At least I assume that’s what they are doing.

As usual I am being hammered by the biting insects. I had an interesting discussion in French today at the local pharmacy about what else I could try. My latest is a bug spray endorsed by the local pêcheurs (fishermen) apparently so I’m adding that to my arsenal which includes 3 other sprays (which haven’t worked), anti-histamines, hydrocortisone and a citronella wrist band. Also citronella candles. Surely something will work??? I’m actually not convinced they are mozzies that are biting me.I’ve seen tiny black flying bugs sitting on my skin so maybe it’s them. Anyone know what they are? I’m getting desperate.

Alan called ahead to the Briare capitainerie today and booked a berth for four days starting Sunday. We have been told it is essential to reserve a spot as they are always full. We have certainly seen a high number of rental boats up the part of the canal as well as other liveaboards. We are leaving Leré tomorrow, probably to stop a little further up the Lateral canal.

Another bike ride this evening and we found the Loire only three kms away. It’s a beautiful evening. Not too hot and a cool breeze. Perfect. Now if it could rain all night and fill the canals it would be perfect.

Here are a few pics from Leré…

The mooring in Leré with free power and water.

The mooring in Leré with free power and water.


One of the two planter boxes on board this year.

One of the two planter boxes on board this year.

The other planter box

The other planter box

Trying to make the nuclear power plant look scenic. Not sure it worked.

Trying to make the nuclear power plant look scenic. Not sure it worked.

Bises xxx

About khodges2013

Alan and I divide our time between our apartment in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our 11.5m Dutch Cruiser, Silver Fern, on the canals in France. We started out hiring and eventually bought our boat in 2014. The two summers lifestyle is wonderful and we feel very lucky!
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6 Responses to Lazy Days in Leré 

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Karen you should have taken bottles of “Rid” – Mike swears by it and he should know being a West Coasters with all those “little black bastards” flying about – without it he gets massacred!!!


  2. Lee Gossett says:

    I see my request for photos of your ‘floating garden’ worked, thanks, Karen. Hi to the Capt.



  3. Lindsay W says:

    Long hot summer for you two , and dam cold one here, you guys certainly got it right this year. Anyway the stories and pictures warm me up for the summer to come (i hope!!)
    Continue to enjoy 😉


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