Auxerre…a Pictorial. Our boat’s home port this winter. Utterly gorgeous.


About khodges2013

Alan and I divide our time between our apartment in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our 11.5m Dutch Cruiser, Silver Fern, on the canals in France. We started out hiring and eventually bought our boat in 2014. The two summers lifestyle is wonderful and we feel very lucky!
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8 Responses to Auxerre…a Pictorial. Our boat’s home port this winter. Utterly gorgeous.

  1. Time2Cruise says:

    Hi Karen, fantastic photos, yes it’s a gorgeous place, thanks so much for such an interesting, informative blog. It looks like you have both had a whale of a time.
    We may yet meet in France during 2016 on the canals, as we intend to bring Fiori from the Netherlands to France.

    Happy cruising
    Graham & Michelle
    MV Fiori
    Cruising in the Netherlands

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Time2Cruise says:

    Hello again. Did you get my previous advice about using site for directions ?
    Also we are having similar troubles coping with Internet. Laughed in sympathy at your efforts with Orange. Shocked that you were charged for a phone call and yes you can recharge on your mobile. We have had great service from them ourselves particularly in Valenciennes.
    We now write all or most messages while off line and then find a free wifi and send them.
    So far not too hard but can take time. We enjoy reading your blogs and the photos. We are currently in Damery on the Marne heading for St Jean de Losne so our wakes may cross yet.


    • khodges2013 says:

      Hi, yes I did thank you. I thought I’d replied. Maybe we need to try recharging our wifi dongle via a tabac or relay using our cell phone again. Do you use Orange?


      • Time2Cruise says:

        Yes we use orange. Do you have a French SIM card on an iPad or tablet?
        We purchase recharge at a tabac or Carrefour, then switch our iPad SIM into the phone, make a phone call or text to activate the recharge.
        Understanding the language, well that is another issue because they speak so fast. I mostly ask the person at the Tabac to do it for me or go to a tourist office. But I think the process is Dial 123, Press 1, then Press 2, then enter the recharge number. I will try to get a translation for confirmation on that.

        Graham & Michelle


      • khodges2013 says:

        Interesting. We do have a French mobile phone (pre-pay) which we charge up when we arrive. But the SIM card for wifi is in the dongle. (If that makes sense). We are contemplating trying to open a French bank account (if possible) and going with the company Free which sounds much cheaper and you pay by monthly by direct credit.


      • Time2Cruise says:

        If you remove the SIM card from the dongle and remove the SIM card from the phone , fit the dongle card into the phone re power the phone and voila you can phone 123 , follow instructions to enter your recharge number, (. Office de Tourisme helpful for this )
        Remove SIM card from phone and replace into dongle . Then put original phone SIM card back into the phone.
        Sounds like a performance but , well, this is France! And it does work.
        Good luck.


      • khodges2013 says:

        Thank you. We give it a try. Hopefully catch up in St J-d-L


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