Auxerre. Still here. Still pretty. Still wet. 

So here we are. Auxerre is such a beautiful town with gorgeous churches, amazing architecture and stunning scenery. We should know, we’re spent enough time here. This boating lark is full of surprises. When I say surprises I mean one has to be flexible. Because who knows when we will leave, where we will go or even what our choices are. But I actually don’t really mind at this point. The view from the deck is amazing, one of the best boulangeries we’ve ever frequented is ten minutes walk away and there’s a massive supermarket five minutes in the other direction so all our food and beverage requirements are sorted. Because priorities. 

There’s rumours of this waterway opening but that one closing, the water is still running high and fast so who knows. Let’s say plans are up in the air. Or down in the river. We still have some more work to do on the boat so I doubt we will be leaving this week anyway. 

We’ve been spending our time lazing around in between spurts of exercise walking up the hill to the cafes and shops. I quite like Monoprix with its cheap clothes and expensive supermarket. The coffees are €3 each in the cafe which isn’t too bad. 

Tomorrow there is a fruit and vege market up there which we will be heading to in search of flat peaches. You have to have a purpose in life, right? On Friday there’s a big market up the hill so we will peruse that as well. 

I tell you, we are flat out! 

There is a music festival on here too. Down the river we can hear a jazz band setting up and our neighbours tell us there is a blues band on tonight in front of the tourist bureau which is directly across the river from us.  I hope they both don’t play at once as sound travels very well over water. Morris Dancers have just started up too. Should be an interesting night. On Sunday there was an artists market on the waterfront too. France really celebrates culture. 

So we are still here and still enjoying Auxerre. If you’re going to get stuck somewhere then this is a pretty good option. Santé. 

About khodges2013

Alan and I divide our time between our apartment in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our 11.5m Dutch Cruiser, Silver Fern, on the canals in France. We started out hiring and eventually bought our boat in 2014. The two summers lifestyle is wonderful and we feel very lucky!
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2 Responses to Auxerre. Still here. Still pretty. Still wet. 

  1. Stephanie says:

    It certainly looks like a mighty fine place to be ‘stuck’ 🙂
    Hmm – a Morris dancing Jazz festival, you could be onto something you know??


    • khodges2013 says:

      To be fair we later visited the ‘Morris dancers’ and found they were in fact folk dancing without the aid of bells on sticks and were perhaps more likely to be Greek or Turkish. Perhaps a mixture. Think I need to brush up on my ethnic dance categorisation 🙂


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