Dijon by train. The search for Wifi options continues.

Wednesday 20th July dawned another scorcher, heading for 35° in the shade. We were up 7am and on a train bound for Dijon at 8.56am. Very specific at SNCF (France’s National Railway) and usually on time. It’s amusing to think it will take us weeks to arrive in Dijon by boat but just 40 minutes by train.

Our mission was to recharge our wifi (pronounced weefee here). Coming up is our saga to date so feel free to skip this next bit. Somehow we’ve burnt through €80 (10gigs) in one month. Frightening really. We have an Orange dongle thingie and as we have no French bank account or credit card we cannot have a monthly account which leaves prepay and to recharge online you must have a French credit card. Very frustrating as the only option left is going to an Orange shop of which there are few, especially in rural Burgundy we the canals are). We did once try buying a top up card from a Relay shop but couldn’t get through to the number on our French mobile. Someone told us you need to use a landline. I did ask a Frenchman what is the word for a landline but he had no idea to what I was referring.

Anyway last week we biked the 23km round trip from Tanlay to the closest railway station to try to get a train to Dijon. It was closed. The station, not Dijon. However a nice man informed us we would have to take a train from Montbard, a few days away, as it was the closest town on the route to Dijon. So that is what we did. The cost of our day trip from Montbard to Dijon was €43 for the train, €12 at McWifi opposite while we waited for the Orange shop to open (10am), €80 for 10gigs and, would you believe, €9 fee for the Orange employee to call on an Orange phone to the Orange recharge line to top up our Orange dongle. We are over Orange. To us it has become more red than orange. We need a better solution. We need unlimited internet for six months in Europe so any ideas please let me know. Thanks. End of rant.

While in Dijon we decided we needed a nice bit of culture to counteract all those annoying technological hassles (I know, first world problems) so we headed off to the Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne to the Musée des Beaux-Arts. In this excellent collection they have thousands of paintings, sculptures, drawings, armour etc centred around Burgundian history from the end of the Middle Ages until the late 19th century. Well worth a visit. Free to enter but if you have a bag, after it is searched, you must pay for a locker. So not free really, is it. Hmmm.


Musée des Beaux-Art



Check out the suit of armour on the left.They must have been small back then!




So a wee day trip that was far from cheap but now we have our human right to be online back, albeit lightly used now as we try to stretch this 10gigs until October.

Yeah right.

About khodges2013

Alan and I divide our time between our apartment in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our 11.5m Dutch Cruiser, Silver Fern, on the canals in France. We started out hiring and eventually bought our boat in 2014. The two summers lifestyle is wonderful and we feel very lucky!
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7 Responses to Dijon by train. The search for Wifi options continues.

  1. Timi says:

    Hi Guys… The old Weeeefffeeee dilemma..!!
    What we use is data roaming through our NZ account. We have an account set up through vodaphone. Then while on the road and in most countries, ie UK, USA most of EU, not Swtzerland.. Surprise surprise, it coast 5 NZ dollars a day to access our NZ account. If we are in an area with wifi we have our data roaming switched off.. If we need to go online we turn data roaming on and once you start using data a daily charge of 5 bucks is incurred. On average that is about 20 days a month.. 100 NZD. If we are using the computer, we use on the hotspot selection on the phone for the computer to link to.

    Not sure if this helps but we’ve found although still expensive , we haven’t had the blowouts we had a few years back when all of a sudden you’d run into hundreds of dollars!!! Also for our operation, vodaphone pretty much world wide with this..


    Timmy X

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  2. Lauren says:

    maybe not small but bl**dy cold!!!


  3. carolinebetts942696329 says:

    Great photos, Karen. The art museum there has some fantastic stuff. xx Did you look at the port? We heard it went bankrupt and has no capitainne, so there is no electricity and a lot of scruffy boats ‘roughing it’. You never know what to believe until you see it for yourself though. xx


    • khodges2013 says:

      Thanks Caroline. We didn’t go to the port but did last year and it’s full of scruffy boats as you said with no access to the electricity. We spoke to a guy last night who stopped there last week and said there was no capitainne, he didn’t feel safe and the gendarmes stopped by to tell him to lock his bike back on his boat as it would be nicked otherwise. We aren’t planning on mooring there.


  4. Can you use pay pal to set up a monthly recurring charge? I’m asking cos I know you can but don’t know if it can be used for mobile phone monthly contracts. Lovely pics. X


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