Forget Spring. It feels like Winter.

Apparently we missed Summer. It was lovely but only lasted a week. Since we arrived in France it’s back to rainy cold days with thunderstorms and lightening. I love a good storm but this winter blast is no fun. I’m happy to say though that there is light at the end of the tunnel, well sunshine anyway and we are hoping for a nice weekend.

Our flights went very well with just a small hiccup in Christchurch over visas which was sorted out easily and our first flight to Singapore consisted of two meals and four movies. At dinner on the second sector (after 6 hours on the ground), we took our sleeping pills and both enjoyed a six hour snooze. What an awesome feeling to wake up and find only three hours until landing!

Once in Paris we collected our Europcar rental (a very sporty Citroen C3) and drove straight down to St-Jean-de-Losne, a three hour drive that took four hours due to heavy traffic. The trains were on strike and every man and his dog took to the roads instead. Many trucks presumably loaded with all the freight that didn’t go by train. It poured with rain the whole way so we were very happy to finally arrive after our marathon 41 hour trip.

Silver Fern was looking very sad when we lugged our bags aboard. For the first time we have had real issues with mildew inside with some of the curtains really stained, but luckily the bed linen was fine and we were able to make up the bed and enjoy a proper sleep that night. Bliss. (I did need to wear thermal leggings, merino top and possum wool socks to stay warm though). Brrrr!

Since then we have been catching up with boatee friends, stocking up on all the major food groups (wine, cheese and chocolate) and we took the car down to Chalon-sur-Saone to buy a new Captain’s chair since our old one isn’t up to the challenge anymore. It came as a flat pack so I’m looking forward to posting a few fun pics on here when we attempt to put it together. Good times ahead.

We found a couple of NZ wines in the local Intermarché…


No idea what they taste like but at NZ$8.50 it’s a bargain. However we didn’t come all the way to France to buy NZ wine!

Yesterday we also bought some geraniums and herbs for the pots which is always fun and we now have a stock of thyme, chives and marjoram. Still need parsley and basil.54AD10A2-45F9-410E-A96D-9E9512916DB8

The sun came out that afternoon. Hurrah!


Today (Friday, May 18) we drove the car back to Dijon and visited the market before taking a bus back to St Jean de Losne. The market is amazing! Everything you could wish for. We stocked up on mustard, it being Dijon and all, and other items of deliciousness from Edmond Fallot, La Moutarderie.

The weather has turned out lovely finally, and luckily, as we had to walk back from the train station where the bus dropped us off. I did ask the driver if he could stop in the middle of town but got a definate Non! Nice day for a walk anyway. This afternoon is all about water blasting the exterior, washing away all the dirt and cobwebs!

Here are a few pics from today’s trip to Dijon. First up coffee. Priorities. Then a few mustard and alcohol related purchases.

Dijon Friday market  they have an amazing indoor farmers market. Outside stalls are for clothing and brocante (flea market stuff). Loved the umbrella stall!


I couldn’t help adding these two pics of the arty loos one gets to use for 80c at the Dijon Gare train station. 😜 Madams on the right, Monsieurs on the left.

Finally the walk back from the Gare in St Jean de Losne along the banks of the Saone, back to the boat. In the lock we found a pusher lowering from the Canal de Bourgogne onto the river and into port to push a broken boat somewhere. So cute!9CB7CC0B-4050-4871-9A63-16F3C2CA376A1CCD1DF4-F06E-4A12-9C59-01B5AFD943AD

Until the next time,

À bientôt!

About khodges2013

Alan and I divide our time between our apartment in Christchurch, New Zealand, and our 11.5m Dutch Cruiser, Silver Fern, on the canals in France. We started out hiring and eventually bought our boat in 2014. The two summers lifestyle is wonderful and we feel very lucky!
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  1. Cheryl hodges says:

    Great to hear you have arrived safe and sound look forward to your blogs


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