Our 2014 route guide.

imageThe yellow highlighter indicates the route we took this year. (Ignore the other yellow border marks between France and Switzerland).

So we started our journey in Pont de Vaux, headed north on the Saône river, turned on to the Seille (pronounced Say) river and continued all the way to Louhans. Then we retraced our steps back to the Saône and continued north. The Saône turns into the Petit Saône and we headed upstream as far as Gray. Again we retraced our steps as far as the turn off to the Canal Rhône au Rhin which is the canalised part of the Doubs (pronounced Doo) river and followed the river/canal to Besançon. Again we turned around and headed back to the Saône and to St Jean-de-Losne (pronounced Loan) where we have left our boat in Blanquarts port de plaisance until we return next year for a new adventure!


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